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Lake County Sentinel
Is it time to reopen the beaches and oceans?
Opinion by Melissa Martin
My Humans are missing beaches. No matter what country or what coastline, people love ocean waves and sunny days. What mysteries abound in salty waters? What induces the desire to stroll along in bare feet? What is that inner yearning about? The magical healing power of majesty. Nature's playground without 
admission tickets. 
Beauty without borders. Connection to the mind, body, spirit.

The pleasure principle is definitely at work whilst we relax and rest under an umbrella with a frosty beverage. Emotions are engulfed in a beach bubble as stress melts away. Leisure for our lungs. The beach is a balm to the body. The cold plunge into the ocean tingles the toes. And for a while, we feel satisfied. The mind is living in the moment. Hustle and bustle are put on hold.  Click here for the whole column
Does the elected government of Willoughby Hills know what rock salt is?
Opinion by Tim Shirer
I have held off writing this commentary for two year. I guess I want to give people and governments a chance to change. Well two years is enough and now I have had enough. No, I do not live in Willoughby Hills, but I often drive through the city while I am doing my job or to do other things. The problem with having to drive through Willoughby Hills comes during the winter months. Heads up for the city of Willoughby Hills and those of you who are in charge of services in Willoughby Hills winter is a season where it snows. Snow can be slippery; snow can turn to slush which can be slippery. In the winter there is also this thing called ice. Ice forms when the temperature is under 32 degrees, ice is also slippery it can cause a person to slip and fall. Ice can also cause vehicle to slide which could lead to that vehicle hitting another vehicle or person which could cause DEATH.

Now that I have explained what the season of winter is and what happens during the season and the bad things that can happen I will now ask several questions.

1. City of Willoughby Hills (City Council, Mayor, Service Director) do you know what rock salt is and the positive things it can achieve?

2.If you do know what rock salt is, have you invested in any? What is your budget for rock salt?
3.Do you even have a budget for services to clean the streets when it snows in the season of winter?

4.If you do have a budget and you do know what rock salt is, why don’t you use it to make your roads safe during the winter?

5.Is it that you are trying to save money on labor and salt? Is that the reason you very rarely if ever clean your streets?

6.I recently drove through your city on Route 91 and the road was clear in both cities on either side of Willoughby Hills, but it was completely snow covered in Willoughby Hills, why is that?

7.Why is it that I drove on Rockefeller Rd, White Road, Bishop Rd, Chardon Rd. and Eddy Rd during this same period and they were all snow covered? 

8.When snow is predicted, and you do nothing to your streets what is the reason for this?

9.Do you care about your citizens or the people who pass through your city? Click here for the whole story