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Lake County Sentinel
Is it time to reopen the beaches and oceans?
Opinion by Melissa Martin
My Humans are missing beaches. No matter what country or what coastline, people love ocean waves and sunny days. What mysteries abound in salty waters? What induces the desire to stroll along in bare feet? What is that inner yearning about? The magical healing power of majesty. Nature's playground without 
admission tickets. 
Beauty without borders. Connection to the mind, body, spirit.

The pleasure principle is definitely at work whilst we relax and rest under an umbrella with a frosty beverage. Emotions are engulfed in a beach bubble as stress melts away. Leisure for our lungs. The beach is a balm to the body. The cold plunge into the ocean tingles the toes. And for a while, we feel satisfied. The mind is living in the moment. Hustle and bustle are put on hold.  Click here for the whole column
Wickliffe's future is our hands, let's do the right thing on November 5th
Opinion by Tim Shirer
The City of Wickliffe has many great things that those of us that live in the city should be proud of. The Wickliffe Service Department that keeps our streets safe and clear in the winter. Our police and fire departments that I would put up against any in the country. Petti’s Pizza, Jerry’s Dari Pride, Wickliffe Lanes, Mount Carmel. Our sports programs, the Youth Football League and Wickliffe Baseball Leagues have been around for over 50 years. The rec basketball program that is run by the high school basketball players is phenomenal. Our library is such a great place, the community center has so many great programs for all of our citizens especially seniors. We have the best parks in Lake County, it’s not even close with proof during homecoming and prom season that kids from neighboring cities are often taking pictures at Coulby.

But there is one big thing in Wickliffe right now that we should not brag about or be proud of at this point and it’s our school buildings. This is a big deal. This is something that needs to be remedied NOW. The current three schools are falling apart, literally. They are not safe for the students going forward. Do they meet safety standards, yes, but are they as safe as a modern building would be? Absolutely, positively not.

I attended Wickliffe Schools. I was a student at all three of the current buildings and am a proud 1987 graduate. My son graduated this year and attended all three of the current schools. As Wickliffe Alum we agree that new schools are needed. In fact November 5th will be the first time my son will vote and he is very excited at the opportunity to make a difference and vote for Issue 3 to build a new campus at the current site of Wickliffe High School which will house all three school Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Click here for the whole story