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Blue Devils baseball players continue annual Indians opening day tradition serving Senior citizens
It has become a tradition for the Wickliffe Varsity baseball team to serve lunch at the Wickliffe Senior Center on the day of the Cleveland Indians home opener. Monday was no exception as fans were pouring into downtown Cleveland at Progressive Field the players were serving lunch to the jewels of the senior citizens at the Senior Center for at least the 11th year.

The event brings two generations of Wickliffe citizens together in a positive way. As Blue Devils Head Coach Phil Motta stated, “It’s a really nice event that Tim and Gerri put together.” Motta went on to say, “Our kids look forward to it every year.” Wickliffe Recreation Director Tim Stopp added, “From the Senior’s standpoint, they love mingling with the baseball team.” When Stopp created the event, he wanted to combine the two things the youth of the baseball team and Seniors. He added, “It’s been a great event.”

Seniors at the center wanted it to be mentioned that Senior Center Director Gerri Hubbell who has only been in the positions for three and half months is doing a fabulous job in her new role. Hubble ran the event with energy and enthusiasm which really got the players and members of the Senior Center involved.

After the initial lunch of Hot Dogs and Baked Beans the seniors were served ice cream sandwiches by the boys.

Lake County Captains Mascot Skipper also attended the luncheon and entertained and took pictures with senior center member, players and coaches as he spun his brand of magic and joy.
There was also a reading of the classic baseball poem “Casey at the Bat” recited by Wickliffe resident and Senior Center member Mike Wojciechowicz. Wojciechowicz said it was the third time he recited the classic at the Senior Center.

Sally Pomplas a lifelong Wickliffe resident for 90 years said about the boys coming to serve them lunch, “I think it’s a fabulous idea.”

Blue Devils assistant coach Kevin Sharp also agreed with the sentiment that filled the building when he stated, “I feel like it’s a good opportunity for our kids to interact with the community.”

Hopefully the interaction does not end with today’s event as Stopp a former Blue Devils baseball player himself passed out the varsity schedule to all the seniors in attendance.  
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@SportsSentinel POSTED 04/01/2019 18:07